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Our primary goal at Legacy Slickline Services is to ensure optimal well production for our customers in a safe and efficient manner. First-rate service is the focus of the Legacy Slickline and a cornerstone of the brand's success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts, or complaints.

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Service Applications include:

Bailing Sand and Debris

Removing formation sand/rock and other such debris left over from the drilling and completion of the well, using a specialized tool called a bailer. This tool uses either a Chinese water pump type stroke action or a hydrostatic vacuum action to suction up the downhole debris, allowing it to be conveyed back to surface via the wireline.

Bottom Hole Pressure & Temperature Surveys

Specialized electronic and mechanical tools designed to measure the pressure and temperature at predetermined depths in the wellbore. This data can be used to determine reservoir life. 

Broach Tubing & Plunger Installation

A tubing broach looks like an aggressive, tubular file, available in different diameters, used for removing burrs and crimps in the inside of tubing and casing in oil and gas wells.

Chipping Ice/Salt

Restrictions and plugs which can be formed as byproducts of a flowing well.

Fishing Operations

Fishing usually refers to attempting to retrieve lost tools or wire, or other debris that was not intended to restrict the flow / disrupt the well operations.

Gauge Ring Runs

Running a special sized downhole tool called a gauge ring, which comes in various pre-machined diameters, designed to ensure the pipe is clear to a certain point.

Brace Perforator & Western Mechanical Perforator

Paraffin Cutting

Making a hole through and removing a wax buildup, which is a byproduct of oil cooling too much to reach surface.

Production Logging Tools

Running Tailpipes

Tubing extensions where the tubing is not landed close enough to the formation perforations in the casing.

Setting & Pulling Gas Lift Valves

Setting & Pulling Plugs & Chokes

Specialized downhole tools which either lock into pre-machined restrictions in the tubing, or which lock into the tubing itself, sealing pressure from below or above the plug.

Shifting Sleeves

Formations downhole can be isolated behind sliding metal 'windows' called sliding sleeves. They are shifted open or closed by means of a specialized shifting tool locating the sleeve and it being jarred up or down, providing access or closing off that formation or section of casing.

Tagging T.D.

Total Depth, which is the furthest depth possible down the wellbore.

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Our Experience

The leadership team at Legacy Slickline Services has over 40 years of wireline operations and management experience and 20 years experience in managing wireline HSE, regulatory, and operations process design including HSE/DOT programs for multiple slickline companies in ETX, STX, WTX, NLA, Ok, AR.

operations / workforce

Our company's workforce is made up of highly skilled operators and assistants with decades of experience working in the business. Our operators have a combined experience of over 125 years working in the ETX/NLA Oil and gas fields.


Slickline Services include:

  • Wireline Truck W/crew, 5MWP, 6 hour minimum
  • Wireline Truck W/crew, 10MWP, 6 hour minimum
  • Wireline Truck W/crew 15MWP, 6 hour minimum
  • Wireline Swab Combo Unit, 6 Hour minimum
  • Wireline Assistant
  • Wireline Supervisor, 6 hour minimum
  • 5 MWP H2S Equipment Package
  • 10 MWP Equipment Package
  • 10 MWP H2S Package
  • 316 SS Wire Use
  • MO22 Wire Use
  • Pulling Tool Use, Per Well
  • Running Tool Use, Per Well
  • Shifting Tool Use
  • Plug Use
  • Pump Through Plug
  • Pump Through Plug Redress
  • 3” Plug Use
  • 3” Plug Redress
  • 2 – 2 1/2 Hole Finder Use, Per Well
  • 2 – 2 ½ Hole Finder Redress
  • Tubing End Locator Use
  • Collar Stop Use
  • Swedging Tool Use, Per Well
  • Kickover Tool Use, Per Well
  • Wire Cutter Use
  • Wire Finder Use
  • Wire Grab Use
  • Sample Bailer Use, Per Well
  • ¾ - 1 ¾ Pump Bailer Use
  • 2”-2 ¼ Pump Bailer Use
  • Hydrostatic Bailer Use, 2 Day Min.
  • Shear Disc for Hydrostatic Bailer
  • Electronic BHP Instrument Use, Per Well
  • Chart Interpretation
  • BHP Hanger Use
  • Normal Redress
  • Gauge cutter Use, Per Well
  • Large Gauge Cutter Use, Per Well
  • Junk Basket Use, Per Well
  • Broaching Tool Use, Per Well
  • 1.5”- 1.75” Hydraulic Jar Use, Per Well
  • Hydraulic Jar Redress (as needed)
  • Impression Block Use, Per Trip
  • Braided Line Use
  • Accelerator Sub Use
  • Injector Grease
  • Standard Fishing Tool Use
  • Extra Section Lubricator Use, Per Section
  • Flange Use
  • Brace Perforator Use
  • 5 ½” Lubricator Use, Per Section
  • Frac Stack Rig Up, Per Well
  • RTG Perforator Use, 2 Shots
  • Wireline Valve Rental, Per Well
  • Grease Head Injector Use, 0-2000 psi
  • Grease Head Injector Use, 2-3000 psi
  • Grease Head Injector Use, 4-5000 psi
  • Downhole Flow Controls

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